An intensive effort is underway to evacuate two Americans infected with Ebola

Published 08/01 2014 05:39PM

Updated 08/01 2014 06:11PM

An intensive effort is underway to evacuate two Americans infected with Ebola from West Africa and bring them back to the United States for treatment. 

It’s a global process that requires caution every step of the way. Erika Edwards reports.

Emory university hospital in Atlanta is prepared for two patients infected with Ebola.

Dr. Bruce Ribner - professor, Emory School of medicine's infectious diseases division

"We’ve developed a unit that can safely care for a patient with a communicable disease, delivering the highest level of care required."

The plan is to bring both Americans back using specialized medevac planes with isolated chambers like these. The u-s military will provide a secure landing place.

Rear Adm. John Kirby - Pentagon Press Secretary

"The plane will be arriving at Dobbins air base in Georgia."

The two known Americans infected are Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol. Both are in stable but serious condition in Liberia.

Emory has a highly specialized isolation area; Separate from other patients. The hospital will work closely with the nearby centers for disease control.

The few hospitals with these specialized isolation rooms .. Like Nebraska medical center... Routinely do drills like this one?

Dr. Angela Hewlett - Nebraska Medical Center

"The drills are very, very important to make sure that everyone that participates understand their role and understands what they need to do when this event actually occurs."

The world health organization said today the Ebola outbreak in West Africa is out of control.

The c-d-c will send 50 experts to the region, including Dr. Thomas Ksiazek (kih-zeck) of the Galveston national laboratory. Their job is to track down victims and anyone who's been in contact with them.

Many are in hiding, fearful of doctors.

Dr. Thomas Ksiazek - Galveston national laboratory

"If they've gotten sick out in the community, you want to identify who they've already been in contact with and keep a close eye on those people."

There have been more than 13-hundred people infected, and more than 700 deaths.

Infectious disease experts insist Ebola can be contained through isolation.

Doctors at Emory say they expect the first patient within the first few days. The second patient will arrive several days later.

Erika Edwards, NBC news.

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