Child safety app reminds parents kids are in the car

Published 08/01 2014 05:57PM

Updated 08/01 2014 05:59PM

Some parents of small children who've been paying particular attention this summer to the tragic stories of infants being left in hot cars are taking steps to keep it from happening to them and others.

Our story from NBC’S Chris Clackum.

After strapping little Ava into her car seat... Kimberly Johnston's next step is to fire up the app that reminds her ...Ava's back there.

The 'precious cargo' app was developed by Kimberly and her husband, Shaun... At their home in North Carolina... 

Kimberly Johnston / developer, "precious cargo" app

"It’s very simple...once you download the app pair your blue-tooth in your vehicle.. Then once you reach your destination and disconnect from your Bluetooth.. Then an alarm sounds"

 Shaun Johnston / Developer, "Precious Cargo" app  

"We have gps technology also mixed in.. Gps you just select a destination..(cut to) ..and when you arrive at your location you just get out of the car and that's when the alert will sound."

Theirs is the latest in a list of ideas people are coming up help stem a string of hot car injuries and deaths this summer.

Chris Clackum reporting

"Certainly, in addition to the app, you can still put your cell phone or keys in the back...or maybe even a stuffed animal in the front..anything  to remind you that's in the back"

There's also the invention from Albuquerque teenager Alyssa Chavez.  

"You just place it under the child's seat."

A pad, called the hot seat ..that works with a key chain, app and car alarm.

Alyssa Chavez / "Hot Seat" inventor  

"Loud enough to grab people's attention around the vehicle as well as remind the parent on the key-fob and cell phone."

Child safety advocates are throwing their support behind many of the inventions...with the attitude: "whatever it takes"

Chris Clackum,NBC  news. 

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