Healthcare website report blames management

Published 07/31 2014 05:41PM

Updated 07/31 2014 06:43PM

According to a harsh new government report; management breakdowns led to the failure of the 840-million dollar federal health care enrollment web site last fall. That report has Washington lawmakers asking what happened and will it happen again this fall?

This is what many Americans saw last October when they tried to log in on the web site.

The disastrous rollout ... According to a scathing new report by the non-partisan government accountability office ... Was the result of mismanagement and a rush to get president Obama’s health care program up and running.

William Woods says CMS began and undertook the development of system without adequate planning despite facing a number of challenges.

The gao finds problems were known in the department of health and human services before the web site launched.

"There was a knowledge within the agency that the operational readiness was in jeopardy."

And with this year's mid-November open enrollment fast approaching ... The man now in charge of says the site is vastly improved - and far more reliable - but won't be perfect.

"I think we've got a committed team of people though, that by and large are doing a very good job but there will clearly be bumps says Andy Slavitt.

While revealing ... This report isn't changing opinions about Obamacare on capitol hill.

 Rep. Marsha Blackburn

"I don't understand why my colleagues across the aisle are continuing to defend this thing."

Rep. Diana Degette

"When you look at what's happened since the unmitigated disaster of the rollout, things are improving."

The g-a-o warns that if oversight isn't improved ... The failures of might be repeated.

Brian Mooar, NBC news, Washington.

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