Local Veteran honored on 70th anniversary of D-Day

By Josh Marcisz | jmarcisz@ktalnews.tv

Published 06/06 2014 05:49PM

Updated 06/06 2014 06:35PM

Friday, June 6th marks the 70th anniversary of 'D-Day' when Allied troops invaded German occupied France. The invasion regained control of the country and ultimately helped lead to an Allied victory in WWII.

Over 150,000 Allied troops took part in the invasion.

"They didn't tell us where we were going, the had about a thousand, two thousand people loading up on (those) boats," says Cleveland Moore who served in the U.S. Army.

Moore, now in his early 90s recalls arriving at the beach and seeing the bodies of fellow soldiers lining the ocean on either side of his craft. Moore is a resident at the Northwest Louisiana War Veterans Home and was honored for his service Friday.

Local historians Monty and Marsha Brown sang songs from the era and showed a 15 minute documentary they filmed with Allied Veterans while in France.

The Brown's say the videos are their way of passing on the stories of a dwindling WWII generation to the next generation. "I think you just try to honor them the best you can as long as they are there. Honor all veterans from wherever they served, whichever war they served in," they say.

The National World War 2 Museum estimates that of the 16 million Americans who served in WWII, just 1 million are alive today.

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