Red Cross helping families after apartment fire

By Christian Henson |

Published 08/25 2014 06:13PM

Updated 08/25 2014 06:22PM

Shauntierra O'Guin’s apartment at Kingston Village caught fire yesterday while she was out at a birthday party but Michelle Davison, Assistant Executive Director of Northwest Louisiana Red Cross, says they are helping the victims of this fire.

"Typically when we have fires what we try to do is meet their basic emergency disaster related needs so that can include anything from finding them a new place to stay,” Davison said “[and] essential daily items that they need to survive for the next couple of days, the next couple of weeks, just however long it takes for them to get back on their feet."

Something the families get right away is comfort kits.

"Comfort kits are basically just the things the toothpaste, deodorant, toothbrush, combs,” Davison said “just the basic things that we all need just to keep fresh and feel human on a daily basis and then we also have things like coloring books, and games for the kids to kind of keep them occupied so that the parents can deal with what they have to deal without worrying about having to entertain the children."

O'Guin hopes her apartment insurance comes through quickly saying "I just hope my mama can get through this and we can rebuild our lives."

Davison said the Red Cross is "Making sure that they've got all their disaster related needs met, making sure that they've been able to get to a new home, and that they've been able to move on with their lives."

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