Shopping carts hurt dozens of children daily

By Nikki Henderson |

Published 01/22 2014 11:28AM

Updated 01/22 2014 11:33AM

If you're headed to the grocery store you may want to think twice before putting your child in a shopping cart.

A new study released finds that shopping carts are dangerous and that 66 children a day are injured in the U.S. in falls and spills.

According to research from Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio one child is injured badly enough every 22 minutes to go to the emergency room.

New analysis of data from 1990 to 2011 submitted by Dr. Gary Smith shows the annual number of concussions tied to shopping carts in children younger than 15 jumped nearly 90 percent.

Smith said, "This is a setup for a major injury. The major group we are concerned about are children under 5."

Kids ages newborn to 4 accounted for nearly 85 percent of the injuries. More than 70 percent of the harm was caused by falls out of shopping carts, followed by running into a cart or carts tipping over.

Smith also added that part of the problem is that the U.S. lacks stability standards for shopping carts that have been adopted in other countries.

Smith advises that parents should opt for carts that seat kids low to the ground, like those with toy cars or fire engines. Otherwise, they should avoid carts, if possible, or remain vigilant while their children are using them.

The study is published in the January issue of the journal Clinical Pediatrics.

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