The Dutch is reunited with their loves one's from flight 17

Published 07/23 2014 05:37PM

Updated 07/23 2014 06:46PM

No nation lost more people aboard Malaysian air flight 17 than the Netherlands.Finally today as the investigation of the crash moved forward the Dutch began to get their loved ones back. 

Steve Handelsman has the story from Washington. 

7 days after the disaster the first 40 of the coffins containing the remains of those killed on flight 17 came home to the Netherlands, in a solemn ceremony, attended by the Dutch king and queen and relatives of those lost.

"They want their children back – that’s the important for the family"

This small nation lost 193 people and as the motorcade of hearses headed to a military base for the process of identification hundreds of Dutch paid their respects. 

Back in Eastern Ukraine pro Russian rebels and had a horrifying flashback; another plane shot downed. 

The Ukraine government said 2 were downed and the separatists want credit this time. 

They posted this video on youtube that NBC news cannot independently authenticate.

20 miles away, more investigators got access to the flight 17 crash site. 

They're finding more holes punched into the skin of the airliner indicating a blast by a missile that US intelligence says was likely fired by the rebels but the white house again blamed Russia. 

"These are people that Russia is arming and training. So that does I think lead us to believe that Russian bears a great deal of the responsibility" 

Tougher US sanctions look likely.

"There is bipartisan support for this administration to act alone without Europe.” 

More of the Dutch want tougher sanctions but neighboring nations still aren't sure.

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