Thieves hack Apple's I-Cloud; celebrity intimate photos leaked

Published 09/02 2014 06:00PM

Updated 09/02 2014 06:24PM

The leak of intimate photos may not be an issue for the average person...but,

"To a hacker, everybody is a celebrity".

So those same photos, videos and documents many people store in the cloud as a backup and for ease of access could be vulnerable.

"No one has said the cloud is fool proof, that it's completely safe. Because breaches and hacking have become the third certainty in life. 

Consumer advocate Adam Levin says human error can compromise even incredibly secure systems.  But so can lax attitudes about securing the smartphone that sends content especially pictures to the cloud.

"We think of it as a digital 'friend with benefits' but we don't realize that it has to be accorded the same respect as you would any computer."

That means creating long, strong passwords that aren't used universally and considering virus protection for your phone.

Meanwhile, Apple says today its own investigation showed no breach of any of its systems, including I-Cloud but that certain celebrity accounts were compromised by a very targeted attack on user names, passwords and security questions.

"This may have been a collective attack where multiple people shared from different information gathered from different breaches and attacks of different natures."

A scenario that'll likely prompt new vigilance to protect content stored both in the cloud and elsewhere. 

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