Chase Crump from Williams Financial Advisors says look into your work 401 K plan this year. Many employers will match what you put in and that offers a complete return on your investment.  Also, 401 K plans can be set up with direct depoists from your paycheck so you never see the money and therefore are less likely to spend it elsewhere. Crump also says that way you can immediately factor the funds into your family budget.  Other areas to watch out is at the bank.  Crump says United States bank customers were charged roughly 30 billion dollars in fees last year.  Check to make sure you have a free account and talk to your bank about ways to avoid ATM charges and overdraft fees. Finally be aware of interest rates on credit cards. Crump says some are as high as 29.99% but others are very low. For more information and tips contact Williams Financial Advisors at 318-798-1112.

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