3 local senators join others to defeat veto override session

Three local state Senators joined 23 of their colleagues across the state to vote against holding a special legislative session to override vetoes of laws passed in this year's Louisiana legislative session.

State Sens. Robert Adley (R-Benot), Barrow Peacock (R-Shreveport/Bossier) and Greg Tarver (D-Shreveport) were among the 26 out of 39 senators to vote against a special session to override vetoes by Gov. Bobby Jindal on laws passed in the 2013 Louisiana Legislative Session.

The effort was sent to the state senators after only 38 or the 105 members of the state House of Representatives sent in ballots opposing the special session. Locally, only state Reps. Henry Burns (R-Bossier), Jeff Thompson (R-Bossier) and Alan Seabaugh (R-Shreveport) opposed the measure.

Spearheaded by House Democratic Caucus Chairman John Bel Edwards (D-Amite), the call for a special session to override Jindal's vetoes. He was joined by advocates unhappy with Jindal's decision to halt an expansion to programs for the disabled. In June, Jindal line-item vetoed a $4 million expansion to the New Opportunity Waiver (NOW), which provides in-home services for people with developmental disabilities.

Additional line-item vetoes included $800,000 to Children's Special Health Clinics and nearly $1 million to the Individual and Family Support Program, which provides help with at-home care for children with developmental disabilities.


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