Ronnie Jones: Benton Alderman

Here are some comments from Ronnie Jones on why he thinks he should be the next Benton Alderman:

  • What are your qualifications for the position?  Running a town is essentially the same as running a business.  You have timelines to meet, budgets to adhere to, and people to answer to. The experience that I have obtained over the years, running my own business and being the Operations Manager of a large business, has provided me with the experience and knowledge required to be an Alderman.
  • What do you think are the biggest challenges facing your town/city/district?  The biggest challenges in the near future, in the Town of Benton, are upgrading our infrastructure. We need to upgrade our water and sewer systems, as well as the streets.  Our Police Department needs our continued support as the Town of Benton grows. 
  • If elected, what will you do to help your constituents?  The best things I can do to help my constituents is to provide them with safe water and sewer systems, as well as well maintained streets.  Preliminary steps have already begun for updated water and sewer systems.  The rebuilding of one of the main streets will begin when weather permits. And plans to rebuild additional streets, instead of patching, will be ongoing. I would like to serve as Alderman until the projects are completed.  Some people who run for public offices make promises like a park in each district.  This would be nice but with that comes a great expense.  Unfortunately, the funds we have should go towards necessities, such as water and sewer.  Perhaps someday we will be able to build the parks. 

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