About the beef

For months, a South Dakota company has been fighting off critics of its processed meat trimmings, called 'lean finely textured beef.'

Those opposed to LFTB say it's "unsafe."

The criticism has caused 'Beef Products Incorporated' to temporarily stop production at three of its plants.

On Saturday, thousands of people showed up in Iowa to support BPI and its product.

It was a beef bonanza, bringing folks together from across the tri-state region, all hungry to dispel rumors about LFTB.

Support came in a variety of flavors, whether it was taking a bite of a burger with LFTB or buying shirts with a few familiar slogans.

Proceeds went to help workers at three of BPI's closed plants.

Those that couldn't be a fan in person, found a way on Facebook.

There, almost 19-thousand have joined the LFTB support group, "People for the Truth."

Beneath this community's bun, there are a lot of people who care.

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