2 common household devices being recalled

By Jade Cunningham | jcunningham@ktalnews.tv

Published 08/15 2014 05:14AM

Updated 08/15 2014 05:22AM

There are a couple of important recalls you should know about.

The first involves smoke detectors you may have in your home.

The CPSC says radio frequency interference can cause the ESL and Inter-Logic Smoke Detectors to fail to alert consumers of a fire.

It's happened with their 400 and 500 series hard-wire detectors.

The alarms were installed in apartments, homes and commercial buildings from March 2013 until February of this year.

If you think you may be using one of these system, you're urged to call your security or fire system provider for a replacement model.

Also being recalled, the Vornado Air Brand Electric Space Heaters.

The CPSC says it has received more than two dozen reports of the units overheating and melting, including seven reports of heaters catching fire.

The units were sold at Target, Home Depot and other retail stores.

Consumers should stop using these units immediately and return them to the store for a replacement or refund.

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