ArkLaTex Lake Level Status, No Boating on Lake Bistineau

Caddo Lake and Cypress Black Bayou are open to boaters.

But, Lake Bistineau in Webster Parish isn't able to welcome boaters just yet.

According to the caddo parish marine patrol, caddo lake is at a normal level for this time of year.

Cypress Black Bayou is about three and a half feet below its normal level.

And Lake Bistineau is about two feet below it's normal level.

It's that time of year again when people head out to enjoy our local lakes.

Caddo Lake is sitting at 168 feet sea level.

"That's pretty much normal for this time of year it's looking really good," Lt. Donna Jackson, Caddo Parish Marine Patrol.

Caddo Parish Marine Lieutenant Donna Jackson says there's some salvinia in the water but nothing compared to two years ago.

"There's still a little bit of salvinia out there wildlife and fisheries is treating it," says Lt. Jackson.

Out at Cypress Black Bayou executive director Dickie Walden says the lake is about 176 feet sea level.

Walden says normal level is about 179 feet.

Lake Bistineau in Webster Parish is starting to get back to normal after water levels came down last summer.

"They took it down for the salvinia. the rains are slowly bringing the lake back up to pool stage we're right at 139 so we're still about two feet low," says Chris Caswell, Asst. Mgr., Lake Bistineau.

Assistant Manager at Lake Bistineau Chris Caswell says the good news is right now there's no salvinia.

"It restricts boating traffic completely and it's also very unsightly," says Chris Caswell.

The bad news Lake Bistineau is still too shallow for boaters.

Workers at Lake Bistineau hope the level will rise before Memorial Day weekend so launches can be open to boaters.

Walden from Cypress Black Bayou says some more rain will help.


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