Barksdale Profile: Force Reduction Programs

Published 08/09 2013 11:47AM

Updated 08/12 2013 09:15AM

Military leaders across the country are currently looking for ways to reduce force numbers. Congress mandates how many people can be in the military and right now all branches are having to cut back on their officers and enlisted personnel.

In the Air Force, two voluntary programs are letting leaders reduce numbers while helping airmen make plans for their futures. The temporary Early Retirement Authority, or TERA, is for enlisted airmen and officers who've served at least 15 years but no more than 20. Men and women in certain career fields can apply to retire early and still receive full benefits. The only difference is their pay, which decreases depending on how many years they are from hitting the twenty year mark. To apply for TERA airmen must send in an application by August 15th and retire by November 1st.

The other program helping meet force reduction mandates is one that allows airmen to get out of their contracts early. Barksdale officials say this allows them to pursue other careers, start their education or even join the reserves. Airmen have until July 2014 to separate from the Air Force through this program.

Airmen who want more information on either of these programs should contact the Air Force Personnel Office at Barksdale.

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