Better Beach Bash

By Joel Rodgers |

Published 07/05 2014 05:54PM

Updated 07/05 2014 08:54PM

"The more that they enjoy something, the more likely they are to take care of it." Says Alan Brown from Sci-Port

Saturday morning a family- friendly event took place at Hamel's beach on the Red River--- it's the second annual Better Beach Bash.

"It's all about connecting with nature" says Stephanie Lusk.

The day began with a group effort to cleanup litter on the beach--The rest of the morning was filled with water playtime

"Sci-port is trilled to be associated with it" Brown says

The fun filed day was hosted by the Bayou to Bay Watershed Educational Project, River Rocks Life, The Rainforest Art Foundation and yes, Sci-Port

Sci-Port's senior programs manager adds, "We are a hands on Science center and you don't get a lot more hands on than when you're going out and picking up trash."

He says kids know water is fun, but his goal is to educate them on the importance of it

"Water is incredibly valuable, in a lot of the world it's very scarce."

Joel Rodgers' Stand Up: It's a joint venture that's not only cleaning up this beach and educating kids, but they're also taking bottles like this one and they're not throwing them away, they're putting them in a museum

"It's a recycled art project that's designed to get kids involved in the art before our museum even opens."

Rebekah White is with the RainForest Art Foundation - the museum that will open it's doors in downtown Shreveport this December

We have coloring sheets that the kids are going to color the fins of the fish and then we'll attach it to the bottles to make bottle fish

Then the bottle fish will be put on display

hopefully we'll finish it pretty soon and it will be exhibited in the museum when we have our Bayou to Bay exhibition.

Stephanie Lusk adds, "Our mission is appreciate nature through art."

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