Business owner wants to turn golf course into subdivision

By Marquel Sennet |

Published 08/12 2014 10:52PM

Updated 08/12 2014 11:11PM

A local town could expand its borders. A business owner wants to turn a golf course into a new subdivision, but first the land must be annexed into Blanchard.

The owner of the Northwood Country Club only owns half of the golf course so if his plan does develop it would turn the golf course into a 9 hole course.

Sue Gilley believes that would make neighbors property values plummet.

“We built out there for an 18 hole golf course. We want it to continue to be an 18 hole golf course.”

The property owner is asking the Blanchard town council to annex the property.

At Tuesday's meeting neighbors made it clear they don't want the land zoned for residential purposes.

John Fuller says, “Everybody that moved out there, moved out there because they wanted to move on a golf course."

Fuller hopes a compromise can be reached. He doesn't mind homes going up as long as it doesn't disrupt the 18 hole golf course.

"Just to throw something like a whole subdivision on the front nine that, that's not the right route to go about it."

However they say the land owner wants to build more than a 100 homes and neighbors believe that's just not up to par.

The Blanchard Council will make a decision about annexing the golf course at their next meeting in September.

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