Children detained at border will have new place to live

By Marquel Sennet |

Published 08/03 2014 08:57PM

Updated 08/03 2014 09:26PM

Women and children detained at the border will soon have a new place to live in Texas while they wait for their immigration hearings.

From the minute they get to the gate, immigrant families will be welcomed.

"There will also be cartoons playing for the children and games of that nature."

ICE field office director, Enrique Lucero gave media a look at what awaits some women and children who are detained by border control.

"I'm pretty sure you will agree this is nothing like you've seen before. 24 hours a day they can walk up into this and request medical attention."

A former detention center now adorned with colorful paintings with all the cafeteria food they could ask for.

"The food is not just a onetime serving, it is all-you-can-eat."

The average stay for an ICE detainee is 23 days. During that time, internet, libraries and certified teachers will help them learn.

"While residents are here, adults with children are here, they will be provided education."

There are enough beds for 532 people, while they wait to see if they stay or go.

"If they seek asylum, they will interviewed by an asylum officer. While they are doing their due process going through the immigration proceedings, we will provide that safe environment for them."

The first families will arrive early this month. It will be their home while they go through their removal proceedings.

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