Drought affecting ArkLaTex pecan growers

It's harvest time for pecans in parts of the ArkLaTex, but growers like Jasper Stover in southwest Arkansas are finding lack of rain this year has yielded less-than-ideal results.

"We've got about a third of the crop this year because of the drought," Stover said.

The Texas Pecan Growers Association says high demand overseas for pecans, paired with lower supplies in the U.S., means consumers may have to pay more for certain products.

Stover says pecans are about 20-to-30 percent more than in previous years, but he doesn't plan to place the burden on local buyers.

"We want local people to enjoy pecans," Stover said.

He says with rain coming "too little, too late," for the 2011 harvest, there's little to do but prepare for the next batch to grow, and see what shakes out of the trees.

"Maybe next year will be better," Stover said.

The Texas Pecan Growers Association also notes that the dry weather has also killed off certain farmers' trees, making it even more difficult for growers to recover from smaller crops.

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