Fast Food Makeover

By Jade Cunningham |

Published 06/18 2014 07:01AM

Updated 06/18 2014 08:04AM

A jokester turns crusader to ensure the Fast Food in your box looks like what's on the box.

Jeanne Moos reports on a hidden camera quest to make fast food look as good as it does in ads.

Have you ever gazed at your Bacon Cheeseburger Deluxe and thought to yourself, it just doesn't add up to its own ad?

"Just kind of scrawny, especially the bacon," said one customer.

Maybe your Quarter Pounder tends to look more like an 8th of a pounder.

Such thoughts drove Greg Benson to put on his hidden camera glasses, and order from half a dozen fast food restaurants in Los Angeles.

"I'm just getting a Big Mac today," said Benson at one fast food place.

When his order didn't stack up to its image, he asked them a simple question.

"I'm looking at this picture of a Big Mac, and this one here looks kind of sad and dry. Can you make on that looks more like the picture?" asked Benson.

"No problem," said the hostess.

What do you know, they did it.

"Oh look at that," compared Benson. "That's a little better isn't it?"

Two pathetic tacos from Jack in the Box, a half pound Double with Cheese from Wendy's, and every other fast food place he went to, he asked them to re-make it to look like the advertisement.

"No one turned me away," said Benson. "They were all willing to make it right and I was very impressed by that."

He didn't even have to act like a madman, like Michael Douglas in "Falling Down."

McDonald's of Canada gave the public a peek at how they take their advertisement pictures.

A regular Quarter Pounder takes a minute or so to make, but a food stylist spends an hour and a half to prep one for its close up.

Some ingredients get primped, and missing poppy seeds are retouched as if they were acne scars.

"We take all the ingredients normally hidden under the bun, and we pull them to the foreground so you can see them," said a photographer.

Greg got a whopper of a surprise when he unwrapped his Whopper, a good looking burger, that didn't need to be brought back for a re-make.

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