Local florists vs. online florists

Published 02/11 2014 07:02PM

Updated 02/11 2014 08:27PM

The rush is on to get flowers, candy and stuffed animals for your sweetheart on Valentine's Day.

But what's better, going to a local florist or ordering online?

Even with the bloom in the amount of online florists, local flower shops are still overwhelmed with orders.

"This year we were just talking and saying gosh, you know, we got so many orders now, seems like we didn't have that many last year, but we did and now it's just more and more."

Jenny Christian, the owner of A Daisy a Day says her business stems a solid customer base.

While there are deals and discounts galore offered by online retailers, customers prefer to shop with her.

So what's the benefit of coming to your local florist to order flowers, versus sitting at your computer and ordering bouquets and other Valentine's Day gifts online?

You save money.

"If a person lives like in California, it's best that they work with a local florist here in Shreveport, because they save at least $50 to $20."

Eddie Colvin has had his shop, Consider the Lillies in Bossier for 12 years, and he says you get a better product all around.

"I mean we have people that come in and their wives were sent a box and they received a box and a bundle of flowers,” says Colvin. “Well, unless the wife is a florist, you know, they were having to make their own flowers. And so the husband would come in a little panicked wanting us to fix that for him, so I just think you get better customer service if you come and shop locally."

Personalized customer service is something you can't get with a computer.

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