Friday is the final day to donate toys and cash to Toys for Tots

            This is the last week to get involved with Toys for Tots to help ensure every local child has a great Christmas this year.

            This past weekend the Marine Corps Reserves collected 1,400 toys and $1,300 cash.

            Assistant Coordinator for the program, Sergeant Anthony Shoemake, says overall it was great weekend for the program here locally.

            Friday is the final day to drop-off new toys or cash to nine area locations who are accepting donations.

"So far everything has been good.  The only thing we're running a little low on is boys infant up to about three years old.  That's the only thing we're sort of low in, but it's not too much," said Shoemake.

            The final day to donate is Friday, and the local Marine Corps Reserves will be out in full force at three local drop-off points.

            NBC 6 is the local sponsor of Toys for Tots, along with our partner Cumulus Radio stations.

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