Gold Medal Giver: Linda Bull

By Jade Cunningham |

Published 07/07 2014 06:22AM

Updated 07/07 2014 07:33AM

Volunteering can make a huge difference, even if it means monkeying around a bit.

Here at NBC 6 News, we like to honor those who give a helping hand.

This week we introduce you to our Gold Medal Giver, Linda Bull.

Bull didn't know much about chimpanzees, however, she knew she wanted to help.

"I kept reading about their Discovery Days in the paper and I came out and had a great time," said Bull. "Then I got on their website and saw they needed volunteers."

Recently retired, Bull signed up.

"If I was home right now, I'd probably sit there watching Soap Operas," said Bull with a smile. "It's been a lot of fun trying to learn their names and individual personalities."

Twice a week, Bull helps make the chimps' snacks.

"It's usually different, but on this day we're doing bread and blueberries in a paper bag, like a lunch," described Bull. "We use a lot of water bottles as well and we put juice in them and freeze them."

It's not always easy, but Bull does it without question.

"She's always dedicated," said Behavioral Specialist Erin Loeser. "It's so wonderful to see somebody who's so committed to an organization."

Employees say no matter the task, Bull is there ready to help.

"We love Linda, we love having her," said Loeser. "She's just a delightful person, a wonderful volunteer. To come week after week, to do that for the chimps, is wonderful. It's very selfless."

Linda isn't paid with money, but instead with a life experience she says she'll never forget.

"It gives you something to look forward to, it keeps your mind sharp," said Bull. "Every now and then they'll take me around to visit the chimps, that's my favorite part."

Which is why this week's Gold Medal Giver is Linda Bull.

Chimp Haven has numerous dedicated volunteers, but are always looking for more.

If you'd like more information you can visit their website or Facebook page.

If you'd like to nominate a Gold Medal Giver, send their name and where they volunteer in an e-mail to NBC 6's Jade Cunningham at 

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