Gold Medal Giver: Sean Beene

By Jade Cunningham |

Published 06/02 2014 06:20AM

Updated 06/02 2014 07:37AM

Here at NBC 6 News, we like to honor those who dedicate their time to help out and give back. 

This week's Gold Medal Giver uses his own life experiences to help others.

He's a teacher at Turner, and is a true inspiration to many in our local community.

Tying a tie, something not always easy to learn.

However, Shreveport native, Sean Beene, volunteers his time to help.

"He's certainly energetic, a great role model for our children here at Turner," said Principal Charles Washington. "He's an excellent teacher, a supportive staff member."

He calls it K.I.N.G's Kids.

"Knowledge, integrity, nobility and greatness," said Beene. "These are the things I feel are very important that a young boy needs to become a man."

It's a free clinic that teaches local youth valuable life lessons.

"Here at Turner, there's a lot of single parent households, low income or under privileged children," said Beene. "I'm a product of that myself in the city, so I feel that it was my responsibility to not give back but to pay it forward."

"He's doing it, he's not being paid for it, it's his vision," said Washington.

The children play football and do other character building activities, all to try and make a difference.

"I'm trying to bring more awareness to the community," said Beene. "I don't want to just talk about things going on here, I want to do something that'll be a positive force and help them bring about change. If I can just reach a couple [of kids] and they pay it forward, my part is done."

Those who know Beene say he's one of a kind.

"It's important to honor him because this is not the kind of thing people do on a volunteer basis," said Washington. 

The difference Beene makes, is priceless.

"We know that our community and out schools would be better if we had more visionary people like Mr. Beene," Washington said.

Which is why this week's Gold Medal Giver is Sean Beene.

All the ties were donated to K.I.N.G's Kids.

Mr. Beene says the support from the community has been overwhelming, and adds that he's not the only one making a difference, but all those who donate to the cause.

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