Hobby Lobby Fallout Continues

Published 07/11 2014 08:38PM

Updated 07/11 2014 08:51PM

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The aftermath of the Hobby Lobby decision is continuing to send waves throughout the country.


On June 30th, the Supreme Court of the United States voted 5-4 in favor of Hobby Lobby allowing certain businesses to opt out of providing birth control coverage for their employees citing religious objection.


“The bottom line here is that it is a scary decision,” said Judy Waxman, Vice President of Health and Reproductive Rights at the National Women’s Law Center.


“This is the first step when bosses are able to use their religion to trump their employees’ religion and take away birth control. It’s scary to think of what comes next,” Waxman added.


Earlier this week, a group of Democratic lawmakers introduced a bill that would reverse the Supreme Court’s ruling.


“We cannot allow this to happen,” Shreveport Congressman John Fleming (R, LA) said.


Congressman Fleming said our government-controlled healthcare system is part of the problem.


“It’s important that we [the American public] understand that freedom is what makes us so strong,” said Fleming.


Sen. Patty Murray (D, Wash.) said the bill has 40 co-sponsors so far, but no Republican support yet.

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