What's stopping the LA 3132 extension?

Published 06/11 2014 11:05PM

Updated 06/11 2014 11:11PM

LA 3132, a busy highway for those in Caddo Parish, could be extended to the Port of Caddo/Bossier.

But it's where the extension will be that has some worried.

"Heavily [traveled] area, trying to get in and out of subdivisions already hard enough as it is,” says Donnie Ward, a neighbor in the Twelve Oaks subdivision. “And like I said, if I would've known this in 2007, I wouldn't have built where I knew a subdivision...an interstate is going to be rolling right through it."

"And the other thing is with 3132, if it comes right behind me,  property values will probably go down, they won't go up," says Cliff Butler, another neighbor in Twelve Oaks.

But Kent Rogers with Northwest Louisiana Council of Governments says there could be multiple routes.

"That's kind of the misconception that's out there, is we don't know where this thing is going yet,” says Rogers. “We don't know how many corridors, we don't know how many alignments."

Burk Kleinpeter (BKI) is the consultant for the project, but Rogers says they can’t continue work, because they’re in court.

"BKI has been ready to start moving forward with the project,” says Rogers. “The only problem is they don't even have a signed contract and they've basically used a large portion of their profit margin up in legal fees, prior to even starting the project."

According to Rogers, there are three lawsuits formally filed in federal court that involve the completion of LA 3132.

Rogers says if lawsuits were dropped or settled, it would take approximately 18 months for the extension to be finished.

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