Left-handed people celebrate!

By Jade Cunningham | jcunningham@ktalnews.tv

Published 08/14 2014 06:14AM

Updated 08/14 2014 06:40AM

Everybody has their day, and on Wednesday many around the world celebrated one of the smallest segments of the world's population.

Those who have to fight for armrests at the theater, and have never found a pair of scissors they liked.

Left-hander and NBC Reporter, John Woodruff reports.

Mark your calendar, August 13th is a celebration of all things sinister.

If you're not up on your Latin, it's International Left-Handers Day.

There's a small percentage of the population that faces some issues, like dry erase boards.

"Growing up I heard from some of my friends who went to Parochial School that the nuns were after them," said Dr. Harold Kulman, a left-handed surgeon.

Kulman says being a left-handed surgeon can be a tricky situation around the operating table.

"They'll pass 10 needles correctly, and you'll get the 11th one backwards," he says.

But as a lefty, Kulman is in some good company.

There's yours truly, one in four Apollo astronauts, and since we started keeping track in 1923, seven of 15 U.S. Presidents.

Coming from both sides of the aisle, we have President Obama, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Ronald Reagan (who was ambidextrous, but we'll still count it).

Chances are, all of them hate scissors.

But we're not the only lefties out there.

In fact, veterinarians at the Cat Depot say 40% of cats favor their left paw, while 50% favor their right, and 10% are ambidextrous.

Which is pretty good.

Www.Lefthandersday.com reports only 13% of the human population worldwide are southpaws, and if they're anything like Kulman, terms like "Left-Handed Hole Punch" are downright confusing.

"There's a store that has everything for left handed people, and I've been in there a number of times and everything just seems so strange, and wrong!" said Kulman.

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