Local Food Production

If you want to support the local economy, you might eat at a local restaurant. However, the food you're eating probably isn't local at all.

Northwest Louisiana is an agricultural area, but most of our produce gets shipped elsewhere. Meanwhile, the food we're eating was brought in from out of state, or from other countries. Professor Hanna Y. Hanna of the LSU Ag Center in Bossier thinks it's time this region fed itself.

Hanna grows tomatoes in green house without pesticide. He says keeping crops local means consumers can see for themselves what practices growers are using.

Although local food can be hard to find, it does exist. William Hummer of Hummer & Son has been bottling honey since he was a boy. Getting onto the shelves of national stores was a challenge. He broke into the market through locally owned grocers, giving a chance to someone from their community. Now that his business has grown, he uses other local companies to help in his operations.

Eating local is healthy, both for you and your community. Look for local next time you go shopping.

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