Local girl heads to nationals after wish is granted

By Stefanie Bryant | sbryant@ktalnews.tv

Published 06/23 2014 12:20PM

Updated 06/23 2014 11:22PM

When Peydan Bown is not racing at home, playing video games with her brothers, she's racing on two wheels, competing for another title.  She explains, why she got involved in the sport; "We started doing it for fun, when i was in first grade and i did it for couple of years." 

Peydan has a severe form of spina bifida and is paraylyzed from the waist down. In spite of her disability, her mom, Stacey Brown says she hasn't slowed down a bit; "She plays baseball, cheers, does track and field."

And in July she's competing in the track and field events at this year's Junior National Disability Championships in Iowa.  In order to go, though, Peydan needed a new wheelchair. Her old one was on loan and she had to return it. 

So, local businesses pitched in to raise money; businesses like the Buck Stop in Haughton.  Stacey says, "The Buck Stop was amazing.  They had the hamburgers and chips donated, sodas donated."

Kassi Robinson's non-profit group, Pay It Forward Networking, granted her wish.  She says,  "Peydan is a local celebrity in haughton.  I had several people reach out and say you have to help her get her very own wheelchair."

She continues, "Almost immediately we had people contributing to the site."

And these custom-made wheelchairs aren't cheap, they run upwards to $2,400. She just recently got good news.  Her mom, Stacey says, "I think we have enough money to get her chair.  I think we're going to get to order it."

Robinson explains why they wanted to help, "Here's this little girl, who's a cheerleader, an athlete.  She's a competitor.  She's focusing on her abilities, not her disabilities."
Stacey is very appreciative; "They don't even know us, so to help us; it's been a blessing for us and her."

Peydan says she's very happy with her new wheelchair; "It feels good that I'll have my own and that i'm getting a racing wheelchair because I won't have to borrow one."

Peydan's upbeat, positive spirit, makes her a winner on and off the field.  Peydan and her family leave for nationals in July.

Her wheelchair has been ordered and she chose her favorite color, hot pink.  It's custom designed to fit her size and body.

If you'd like to help grant the wish of a kid, through the Pay It Forward Networking group, click here.  So far, the group, started in September 2013, has granted 43 wishes. 

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