Local lawmaker looks to put an end to shootings

By Joel Rodgers | jrodgers@ktalnews.tv

Published 07/24 2014 04:50PM

Updated 07/24 2014 06:44PM

A pair of shootings in the Queenborough neighborhood-- The first took place Wednesday afternoon on Jackson Street. Later that evening another man shot--- this time on Portland Avenue.

Thursday morning gun shots rang out--- once again

"He said he was coming back with a gun. He came back with a gun and shot up in the air and then left. He said he was coming back late tonight to shoot up the place."

That's what scared neighbor Denissa Davis says.

As gun violence becomes more prevalent - neighbors are becoming more afraid.

City Coucilman Jenkins is looking for answers, and he's looking to help.

"If you hear something ahead of time that may lead to criminal activity let the police department know as soon as possible."

Jenkins said.

He also adds "We are taking preventative steps in the areas we can."

He wants the public to not be fearful when it comes to calling the police "We don't want anyone to be fearful of the fact that if you talk with the police that it's going to come back and cause you a problem." Said Jenkins.

He says they police department is doing their job and people who preform crimes like this--- will pay.
"Arrest are being made, suspects are being identified and we are not going to let any stone go unturned when it comes to criminal activity in this area."

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