Local man promotes the inclusion of everyone

By Joel Rodgers | jrodgers@ktalnews.tv

Published 07/04 2014 04:31PM

Updated 07/04 2014 04:48PM

Some people are just born to inspire others-- like Heath White

"He's just a great person. He has a great spirit." That's what Erika Scott says about the man who is encouraging everyone who hears his story.

Seven years ago his daughter Paisley was born with down syndrome, when she was six months old Heath started running with Paisley-- pushing her stroller-- with hopes of promoting inclusion of Down Syndrome

"We started running marathons together and qualified for the Boston Marathon. We were covered on ESPN running 321 miles of marathons."

His love for Paisely grew to a passion that's enabling others with disabilities to do ordinary things

"We did 12 marathons, one ultra marathon, since then I've gone on to running with adults. I've done 19 marathons pushing individuals and 11 solo."

"He messaged me at Christmas time and wanted to do a marathon or run a race with Rex Bradley." Erika Scott said.

Erika and Brad Scott are the parents of  Rex Bradley-- a 3 year-old who was born with Cerebral palsy.

"A lot of times when we've had bad reports from doctors or bad news with Rex Bradley's condition he'll message me or even call me and send scriptures and things like that."

Erika and Heath have known one another for years--

"He understands because he has a child with challenges like Rex Bradley."

Heath says about running with Rex, "I had run with Paisley a lot and I wanted to get Rex Bradley out there and run with him."

On Friday morning.. he did just that.

"We started in the back of the pack but I always says it's symbolic of kids like Paisley and Rex Bradley because they have to start in the back of life."

Rex's mother says, "We were told Rex would never live to his first birthday and seeing him today running with Heath, it was awesome. It was awesome."

"I always say it's not fair because I carry my own cheerleader with me so I'm kind of like cheating." says Scott.

He says physically it's a lot harder to run a race while pushing someone, but emotionally it's a lot easier.

"Nobody is going to cheer for a typical 40 year old guy out running a race, but when I'm with individuals that I run with- what they have in weight they make up in motivation."

Seeing their son being lifted up, encouraged, and included with everyone else. brings a smile to their heart.

Rex's dad, Bradley says his son loves it. "He may not be able to do it physically, but he's still able to enjoy himself and that's what it's all about.

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