2017 roadway improvements plan includes bike lanes

SHREVEPORT-- - Mayor Ollie Tyler has released her 2017 Roadway Improvement Plan which includes 50 new street projects and the creation of new bike paths. 
She along with other members of her administration met with local bikers at centenary college this evening to discuss possible routes for the bike path.
This $6.7 million dollar plan will produce street improvements in all districts of the city, including the construction of bike lanes.
The 2030 Great Expectations Master Plan identified a need for bike paths in Shreveport. 
The streets selected for the pilot plan are already identified for asphalt overlay improvements in 2017.
They also have adequate space for bike paths and require minimal effort at no additional cost. 
Mayor Tyler says this part of the bike lane phase is to hear from locals about where they want the bike lanes and their concerns.
"You can't just put bike paths anywhere and they don't go anyplace. So tonight, one of the things that we heard is that Centenary probably doesn't work because people probably don't travel that street anyway," says Mayor Ollie Tyler, City of Shreveport.
"The obstacles in this town are tremendous when it rains. There can be only a small way to travel when the roads are flooded and when the streets haven't been cleaned in a way. We often have glass and trash piled on the sides of the roads," says Robin Smith, Bicyclist.
Mayor Tyler says there will be more community meetings in the coming weeks to address local concern.
From there, they will find additional funds needed for the bike lanes and have them around the city in the coming months.
Click on the following link to find more information about the proposed bike paths: https://www.shreveportla.gov/DocumentCenter/View/7905

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