$25M school bus crash injury lawsuit moved to federal court

Mt. Pleasant students in 3-vehicle crash lawsuit filed first in district court

TITUS COUNTY, Texas - The $25 million lawsuit filed in Titus County District Court on Friday by the parents of five of the 18 Mt. Pleasant High School teens who survived a three-vehicle accident involving the school bus they were riding in will be transferred to federal court, according to documents received this morning.

The ‘Notice of Removal’ was filed with the 76th Judicial District Court of Titus County Texas, stating that the diversity of the students, as well as the controversy involved satisfies a move to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Texarkana Division.

The accident, which also resulted in two deaths, happened when an 18-wheeler owned by Rooney Trucking sideswiped a Mount Pleasant High School bus bringing students home from a track meet on March 31.

The lawsuit claims the trucking company was responsible for its employee, Bradley Ray Farmer of Bogard, Missouri, who was driving the truck that “recklessly veered across the highway while operating an 18-wheeler truck into the bus’s lane, sideswiping the driver’s side of the bus and causing it to spin out of control.”  Farmer died of his injuries.

The damages are sought, the lawsuit states, because the students “sustained physical, mental and post traumatic stress.”

In addition to the school bus, the truck also sideswiped a car driven by the team’s assistant coach, Angela Beard, who died of her injuries.




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