7-year-old boy electrocuted in northeast Louisiana

WINNSBORO,LA - It was in a backyard on Lincoln Street in Winnsboro where an innocent game of catch turned deadly for 7-year-old Brandon McFarland.

"A little before 11 o'clock my office got a call about a child that was missing," Franklin Parish Sheriff Kevin Cobb said. "The description was a 7-year-old male that was missing at 229 Lincoln Street."

After a neighborhood-wide search, deputies said the boy was found dead. He was located next door from where he and his 4-year-old sister were playing baseball. 

Authorities believe Brandon jumped a 6-foot-tall privacy fence to retrieve a ball. They said he was then electrocuted by a 120-watt hot wire. 

"A beautiful young child, beautiful young child just playing ball one minute, doing what all young people do. Once he climbed that fence, he didn't know what danger was on the other side," Sheriff Cobb said.

Witnesses said it was clear the child fell into and got tangled in the wire. 

"This child was barefooted. The grass was wet. A lot of those things I'm sure will come into factor," Sheriff Cobb added.

While neighbors were too distraught to go on camera, they told us that the installed the electric wiring around 6 p.m. Monday, just hours before the incident.

Sheriff Cobb said right now it's unclear why the wire's voltage was so high.

"It was a lot higher than it needed to be in this circumstance for sure," he added.

It's a tragedy, all around.

"This family has an uphill climb for sure over the next few days and for quite some time, but again our hearts go out to that family," Sheriff Cobb said.

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