A local Senator has strong allegations against University Health

SHREVEPORT-- - "When you go to see a doctor, you get there by 7:30, you leave by 2. That should not happen," says Senator Greg Tarver, District 39, LA.

State Senator, Greg Tarver, says he's fighting for the patients and for taxpayers.

Tarver says University Health routinely ranks poorly on quality of care.

"Leapfrog gave them an F. CMS have given them one star. It kind of sounds like the schools in Caddo Parish, they fail us," says Tarver.

And he says University Health refuses to agree to a study to monitor its quality of care.

"They have a clause called a quality study. They have not, since October they have been negotiating, they have not signed that contract for quality study," says Tarver.

Senator Tarver also claims taxpayer dollars are being misused, and accuses University Health of Medicaid fraud.

"Medicaid fraud is how they are using the money. Instead of using it for patients, they are using it to pay lawyers. Then they are putting it in a cost report. Once they put it in a cost report, Medicaid reimbursed them and they should not be reimbursed," says Tarver.

He says while Medicaid is paying University Health, University health has not been paying LSU Health.

That violates the agreement between the hospital and the medical school.

"They have not paid LSU 6.5 million dollars that they owe and are past due," says Tarver.

University health released the following statement regarding the allegations saying, "University Health is once again disappointed with Senator Greg Tarver for making inaccurate remarks about the hospital. University Health is currently up to date with payments to LSU Health Shreveport School of Medicine. All of the vendor invoices presented by Senator Tarver are also paid. As for Senator Tarver’s claims about Medicaid fraud and patient care, they are baseless and inaccurate."

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