Altitude Trampoline Park speaks out after teen is injured

Manager defends equipment despite girl needing staples on her head

Bossier, La. - A local business owner speaks out after concerns spark on social media about their safety practices. The manager of Altitude Trampoline Park defends their equipment after a teenager is hurt over the weekend.

As part of Altitude Trampoline Park's policy, the general manager releases the surveillance video showing when a girl hurt her head while jumping into the foam pit. It shows her making a double- flip, but then hitting her head on a bar underneath the trampoline.

"There is a vinyl pad right below the main pad and it's covering a metal piece that does support the structure underneath but the metal is covered with that vinyl pad. Has anyone been hurt on it before? This is the first time in two-and-a-half years that such an injury has occurred," said Matt Beene, general manager Altitude Trampoline Park.

The manager said signs are posted that say to jump off feet first instead of head first and they keep records of all incident reports. The video shows the girl's friends pulling out her from the pit, because Beene said it's policy for employees to not move someone if they're injured. But the employee did try to stop the bleeding. 

"He was on scene within ten to twelve seconds. He assessed the situation, alerted management and immediately applied pressure to the cut just like he's taught to do," Beene said.

He said they asked if they could call her parents, but the girl said her mom would pick her up soon. Her mother arrived soon after and tended to her daughter who needed multiple staples on her head. The video shows the girl walking out with her friends later. Beene said they only call 911 if someone is unconscious or bleeding profusely or they request it themselves. 

"We absolutely welcome anybody to come in and take a tour and I will personally walk them through myself just so they have a full understanding of how safe this park is," Beene said.

Beene said they immediately replace worn-down materials and sanitize the equipment.

"We have a back-up of everything, every pad, every trampoline, every net here at the park," Beene said.

We did reach out to the mother of the child, but she said she couldn't comment because they may take legal action and her attorney, Zachary Shadinger advised her not to. 

The park does require customers to sign a waiver which says they are not liable for injuries inside the park.  

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