Bill splitting King and Lee holiday to become law Tuesday

LITTLE ROCK, AR - UPDATE: Governor Asa Hutchinson will hold a news conference early Tuesday afternoon to sign into law a bill that eliminates the dual status of the joint holiday commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gen. Robert E. Lee.

The bill was originally scheduled to be signed on Monday but was moved due to scheduling conflicts.

SB 519 is an act to refine the teaching of history in the classroom and to separate the holidays.

The measure passed with overwhelming bipartisan support in both chambers.





The Arkansas State House gave final approval  to a bill that splits the dual holiday celebrating of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior and Robert E. Lee.

The bill is now heading to the desk of Governor, Asa Hutchinson, who has promised to sign it.

It would keep MLK day at its current date in February. While Robert E Lee will be honored with a proclamation from the governor in October.

"I received much more email to be against this bill, but I have to be for it but I have to step back and look and decide what's best for Arkansas and so because of that I'm going to vote to separate the two," said Representative David Hillman.

Arkansas is currently one of only three states celebrating both King and Lee on the same day.

Another portion of the legislation instructs the Department of Education to form new curriculum on both civil rights and civil war history.


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