Arkansas courts offer amnesty for misdemeanor warrants

People may now resolve misdemeanor warrants

TEXARKANA, Arkansas - On the Arkansas side people can avoid fines and going to jail by resolving their outstanding warrants.The court will waive the warrant fee and jail time if it receives full payment.


Probation Officer Tom West says,"We have several people every year that come in and take care of their problems with their misdemeanor warrants."


The purpose of the program is to settle outstanding violations with the court and reduce arrests. People that fail to do so suffer the consequences.


Tom West says,"They end up getting stopped by the police department and taken to jail because they have an active warrant ."

Judge Wren Autrey has added a new opportunity for people.Tom West adds,"The judge has offered a 50 percent settlement on multiple contempt warrants."


The amnesty program only applies to people with non-violent misdemeanor warrants.


Tom West says,"It's a great solution to a pretty big problem and we'd appreciate if they come in and take care of it."

The court will grant amnesty through April 30th.

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