Attorney John Settle addressed MPC about his lawsuit

Shreveport, La. - John Settle is suing the Metropolitan Planning Commission and it's Executive Director, Mark Sweeny, for damages after he said his public records request for receipts from decorating were not fully delivered for more than a month.
At today's MPC meeting Settle told board members they will likely be getting subpoenas in the next week in reference to the case.
Settle also told board members he believes Sweeny made it appear as if board members needed more hours of training than they actually need to get budget approval for travel to the American Institute of Certified Planners in New York City from the Shreveport City Council.
One new board member needs four hours of training credits to meet state requirements.
Sweeney said the conference is an educational experience for board members but is vital for staff members who need more training hours.
Sweeney said  "The national conference is an opportunity to expand the base of knowledge for the board members. For the staff it is pretty much our main tool to maintain our certification."
Staff members must maintain 32 hours of training credits every two years.
If Settle wins his case he could receive up to 100 dollars per day he says the full set of requested documents was not delivered.
Settle is set to be in court February 27th, 2017.


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