Bike Share Program rides into Texarkana to bring visitors around downtown

Bike share meant to help revitalization efforts along with a downtown business

Texarkana, TX - Texarkana, Texas receives a grant that can bring people rolling through downtown again.
A new idea by city leaders aims to put people back on the streets of downtown, by riding bicycles.
"We figured Texarkana is ready for a Bike Share Program so what not start implementing it," said Heath Coston, Planning and Zoning Intern for Texarkana, Texas.
Main Street Texarkana received $2,500 in an Union Pacific grant to establish a Bike Share Program. 
"It's going to really connect downtown with the tourists," Coston said. 
Bicycles will be placed by the U.S. Post Office for anyone to use for free. The idea is to get tourist visiting the state line to travel to other parts of downtown.
"The Post Office is one of Texarkana's biggest tourist attractions so that way tourist really have the chance to see what we really have to offer in the rest of downtown," Coston said.
The program will benefit the downtown business, Berridge Bicycles, that will help maintain and sell equipment. 
"It will give us a job to keep the fleet up and running which will keep my mechanics busy," said Terry Berridge, owner of Berridge Bicycles.
Berridge says riding bikes gives people an unique look into the area. 
"It's a completely different perspective when you're moving around at 10 to 15 miles and hour compared to 30 to 40 miles an hour. You actually see things," Berridge said. 
The city hopes it will be a fun way to engage locals and visitors to bring life back downtown.
There will be several locations set up around the state line for the bike share.
The city plans to build the program each year and looks to include smart phone technology to sign up.

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