Bishop Fred A. Caldwell: From humble beginnings to global ministry

Shreveport, LA - Bishop Fred A. Caldwell has been preaching at Greenwood Acres Full Gospel Baptist Church for 35 years, but his outreach spreads far beyond the walls of his three locations.
"It's very important for us to have that signal to be able to get the Gospel of Jesus Christ out."
That signal is powered by Greenwood Acres' radio station 1300 AM- KSYB radio  The church's radio station has been nominated for three Stellar Awards and has a global reach of more than three million people.
"We feel like we have something to say and there are others in the community that have something to say as well."
His radio programming isn't the only thing putting him in the national spotlight.  Back in 2003 Bishop Caldwell gained world wide attention through his method of tackling racism.
"To me the church unfortunately is the biggest purveyor of racism and the most segregated hour in America is 11 o'clock Sunday morning."
He wanted to see diversity in his church and gave out almost $2,000 in one month to anyone who was white who showed up at his church service.
"Black people seem to not have a problem going to white churches, but it seem like white people have a problem going to black churches, so that was the motivating factor right there."
He says people showed up from near and far to take him up on his offer.
"I love people.  I don't have a problem with white folks, black folk, Mexicans or anybody else, but I do have a concern when the truth is spoken people get all up tight.
Caldwell was back in the spotlight in 2003 when he took up another cause, after Marquise Hudspeth was fatally shot by Shreveport police
"Had never met him, never had a conversation with him, but what moved my heart to initiate that action and to pull these other 6 people together was Marquis was assassinated."
Caldwell travels the world sharing his message.  He's been to Asia, Africa and has appeared on national talk shows.
He has already written four books and is looking forward to writing at least three more, and race relations won't be off limits.
"We all need to figure out...some way... somehow...while we're on our knees...figure out how to get up on our feet and learn how to walk together.

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