Black cat reunited with owner on Black Cat Appreciation Day!

Owner drove from New York to get her pet

TEXARKANA, Ar - A black cat, lost in Texarkana, Arkansas, was reunited with her owner Thursday, on Black Cat Appreciation Day!   

Over the weekend, Luna, the cat, was moving with her owner from the San Antonio, Texas-area to upstate New York.  They stopped in Texarkana for the night.  But, when it was time to leave, Luna couldn't be found. It wasn't until that night, that the next hotel guests heard her!  
The following morning, Animal Care & Adoption Center of Texarkana Director Charles Lokey and a feline rescuer, recovered Luna from that hotel room.  Lokey said, "In between the head board and the mattress and the box springs, there was a little gap. Well, Luna had gotten down in there and gotten under the box springs and was hiding inside the bed frame."  
Luna's owner Lisa Schievelbein said, "I can't believe he went totally out of his way to go save her and hold her here for me, like no hesitation."

Schievelbein said she had searched for Luna at least three hours, never hearing a single meow, before leaving that hotel.  

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