Boating and water safety is very important this summer

Boating and water safety

Shreveport,LA - With summer so close the sheriff office marine unit wants people to know a few rules before heading out to the water.

"Every time the big motor cranks up put a life jacket on"Garry Balentine, boater

In preparation for Memorial Day many are getting prepared to go out into the water.

Boaters like Garry Balentine are doing routine safety checks.

Balentine says, "the main thing is to have your life jacket and your kill switch attached to your life jacket just in case you get thrown from the boat."

The kill switch is attached to the motor and once its detached the motor is deactivated.

Corporal Madison Cox from the Shreveport Sheriffs Office Marine Unit says enjoy your Summer on the water and make sure you have a plan.

"Let somebody know where your going how long your going to be gone when do you expect to return incase something does happen and if they have to call the authorities we have a place to go start to search." Corporal Maddison Cox said.

And be aware of your surroundings.

Corporal Cox says, "if your on the river the river changes, you need to be aware of sandbars floating debris coming down the water, if your on some of the lakes you need to have channel markers you need to follow some of the channel markers if you get off on channel markers you need to be on ideal speed make sure you don't hit anything underneath the water surface."

Remember to be cautious in all waters.

"All waters dangerous you know you just have to be safe about it and have fun doing it you know don't be careless."

When out on the water to remember to be safe and let people know exactly were you are going," Corporal Cox  said.

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