Bossier parish students will be getting home visits from teachers

Teachers are visiting the homes of students

Benton, La - Teachers from Kingston Elementary will be visiting their students homes. Its a meet and greet, to let students know who their teacher will be for the upcoming school year.

40 teachers will be visiting the homes of more than 600 students Monday through Thursday 5 P.M. - 8 P.M. of next week.

This is a tradition the school has been doing since its opening three years ago.

Amy Robinson, second grade teacher from Kingston Elementary says, "It's the favorite thing that I do of the whole school year, we get to know them before hand so when they come in on the first day of school we already know their names, we know what they look like we already have that relationship."

Teachers from each grade will be pulling up to the homes of there students in decorated vans and their personal cars.

This is the schools way for teachers to become more involved in the community.

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