Caddo GOP urges voters to vote "no" to all Caddo tax propositions

CADDO PARISH, La. - The Caddo Republican Parish Executive Committee urges Caddo voters to vote “no” to all tax renewal propositions on the ballot for the April 29 election.

Our Caddo Parish government already has more than $120 million of cash (or cash-equivalents) just sitting there, being saved for some later time.

This amount is almost 200% of their total budget for 2017, at a time when most local governments across the country seldom have reserves of more than 8-10% of their annual budget.

None of the tax propositions on the April 29 ballot expire this year. Only 1 of them expires as early as 2019. The rest don’t expire until 2021 or 2022. What’s the rush to hold an election to renew a whole bunch of taxes, on an obscure Saturday in April, when the voter turnout will be low, and that will cost the Parish almost $150,000 to conduct? There’s no need to rush these renewals. Not at all.

Many other local governments across the country are facing the same difficulties. Declining tax revenues, depressed property values, shrinking populations, higher costs of government services, etc. Some don’t see raising (or renewing) taxes, or cutting services, as the only 2 options to balance their budgets. Some have chosen to lower taxes, instead, and “reinvent government.”

Caddo Parish Republican Party Chairman Louis R. Avallone said, “With almost 200% of the Caddo Commission’s annual budget, just sitting there as surplus money.  Caddo voters should expect their local government to “reinvent” itself, first, before asking voters to make it even more expensive to do business in Caddo Parish, when we already are paying the highest property taxes in Louisiana.”

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