Caddo Parish man convicted of attempted murder, weapons charge

CADDO PARISH, La. - A Caddo Parish man has been found guilty of shooting another man multiple times following a dispute over a cigarette.

On Tuesday a Caddo Parish jury found 28-yera-old Christopher Lee Weston, of Vivian, guilty of felonious possession of a firearm and attempted second-degree murder.

Weston fired several shots at Lakordo Jamerson in a drive-by back on May 8, 2016, after an altercation outside a Hearne Ave. convenience store.

Jamerson and a small group of friends were outside the store on when Weston accused him of picking up a cigarette he had dropped.

Jamerson denied taking the cigarette but offered to give one to Weston.

When Jamerson and his friends left, Weston followed them to the neighborhood.  Weston then shot Jamerson in the arm and the back.

Weston will return to court for sentencing on Dec. 14.  For the weapons charges he faces five to 20 years at hard labor, without benefit of probation, parole or suspension of sentence.

On conviction for attempted second-degree murder, Weston faces five to 50 years without benefit ofprobation, parole or suspension of sentence.

Weston has prior convictions, both in 2010, for attempted illegal carrying of a weapon while in possession of a controlled dangerous substance and possession with intent to distribute a Schedule I drug. That opens him to enhanced sentencing as a habitual offender, which the state plans to pursue.

If successful in that attempt, the sentencing range on the firearm charge goes to 10 to 40 years and the range on the attempted second-degree murder conviction increases to 25 to 100 years.






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