Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator is "Straight Shootin'"

Sheriff starts new Facebook series

CADDO PARISH, La. - You can now use Facebook to ask Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator important questions.

He has started a series called "Straight Shootin' with Sheriff Prator."

In episode four, he addresses the right to peacefully protest, in light of the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.
He says while our society is polarized on many issues, from legalizing marijuana to openly carrying firearms, our differences should never turn to hate.

"There's absolutely no excuse for doing something to somebody... some kind of evil... hurting anybody because of the way God might have made them... because of the color of their skin... because of what they choose for their sexual orientation. There's just no reason for that," said Sheriff Prator.

He has a warning for people who decide they don't want to protest peacefully.

"The Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office is going to be very aggressive if you come to our parish... anywhere including the city... if you come to our parish and try to tear up stuff and hurt our people... that isn't gonna get it. I just want to explain that. You might as well know the rules before you get here," warned Sheriff Prator.

If you have any questions or concerns you would like for Sheriff Prator to address, you can make a comment on the CPSO Facebook page.

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