Chlorine taste in Bossier water is part of cleaning process

The city is cleaning the pipes so water may taste like chlorine

Bossier City, La. - People in Bossier City may notice something different about their water.

City officials say if you notice a weird taste or smell in your water, don't worry it's just chlorine.

Bossier started a chlorine cleanse Monday and sent out notices to neighbors last month. It basically disinfects the underground pipes that run from the water plant to people's taps to prevent bacteria from growing. It's also flushing out sediment so water may look a little cloudy or discolored. If so, just run the facet for a few minutes.

But it is safe to drink. 

"It's not in response to anything bad being in the water or anything dangerous in the pipes. It's just preventative maintenance and something the utilities department thought would be a good idea," said Mark Natale, Bossier City Public Information Officer.

Natale said people may want to double-check what kind of detergent their using because the water may cause people's clothes to slightly discolor. Also customers who use tap water for kidney dialysis should check with their doctor.  If you have an aquarium in your house you should monitor the chlorine levels. 

The process will take the next 28 days to complete. So the chlorine taste and smell may fluctuate over that time. The city plans to do this maintenance every two years.

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