Church leaders rally to stop the violence

SHREVEPORT-- - Prayer, song, and walking, all to end violence.

"Lack of prayer. Lack of the word of god and lack of the presence of the churches in the communities. It's time for pastors to come out of the sanctuaries and get into the streets. The killings aren't happening in the church, they are happening in the streets," says Pastor Carey McCall, New Beginnings Praise Ministries.

Pastors from churches across Shreveport come out to stop the violence.

"Prayer will not stop evil, but it will restrain evil," says Pastor Brian Hollins, Abounding Grace

"God spoke to me not too long ago and said it's time for us to go back into the streets and this time stay," says says Pastor McCall.

Walking down the streets of Mooretown, community members encourage one another to turn away from crime.

"Try Jesus, that's the solution," says Pastor McCall.

It's their hope that with a stronger presence in the community, and prayer, crime in Shreveport will go down.

"If you simply turn to Christ, turn to god and just allow him to change your heart, he will take that bitterness, that hardness away from you and give you a heart of love," says Pastor Hollins.

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