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Clean up continues in Red River County

Residents clean up debris from weekend storm

AVERY, Texas - Just days after storms ripped through North East Texas the cleanup continues for some homeowners . 


High winds, hail, and lighting rocked Avery, Texas downing trees and displacing one family."Pretty much there was just a boom," says Bruce Beimert. Now Bruce and his wife Heidi are cleaning up the damage left behind.


"I saw a bolt of lightning hit out back not too far between the school and our house and then all of a sudden a tree fell in between us. I was terrified", says Heidi.


The tree caved in the roof, forcing the family to move."Now we're just staying in a house  that doesn't have running water or electricity."Despite everything that has happened the Beimert's are grateful to be alive."God definitely had a hand in that. He was watching over us," says Heidi.




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